Santorini Airport, Greece

Welcome to Thira
(JTR) Santorini Airport

Santorini JTR Airport entrance

Arrivals and departures

We offer real time flight information about all the inbound and outbound flights from the Santorini airport (JTR).just click the link to be redirected to the arrivals and departures page.

How to get to Santorini Airport

Santorini Transportation and Transfer options. If you just arrived to Santorini JTR airport or have already been to Santorini and are looking for the ways to get to the airport.

How early should you get to Santorini Airport?

You should allow at least 3 hours when you are scheduled on an international flight and at least 2 hours when you are flying on a domestic flight.
That is because the Santorini Airport is usually very busy during the summer months and you might have to wait in long lines to get through security and check-in.
You should also account for some traffic delays as sometimes the roads can be busy too(typically 15-20 minutes), and you should not forget about parking or return of your hired vehicle if you are driving yourself there.

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Parking at the Santorini Airport

Whether you are returning a rental car or parking your car to drop off or pick up someone parking is not allowed at the entrance of the Santorini Airport.Read the article on Santorini Airport Parking for more information.

Using the Local Bus from the Airport

There are Local buses that depart from Santorini Airport to take you to Fira that is the Central Bus station of the island.The times of the buses are not fixed but you can find more details about the Bus Schedule and Timetables for 2023 Here